Case Study

For Jack’s case study,┬áhis risk factors are his impulsivity, as he acts out via inappropriate language, becoming angry easily, physically acting out, and refusing to go to bed when he is supposed to. They also include Jack’s living situation – with a single mother and four other children, and his mother relying on the grandmother for social and financial support. Protective factors include the presence and clear concern of his grandmother, the fact that he is going to the clinic at all, a clean toxicology screening, and that he seems to have a solid intelligence level. However, Jack’s familial situation may only stress him out and make him more prone to anger, and his mother and grandmother, having to take care of four other children, may react sharply, creating one of many endless cycles. I would recommend having Jack be recognized and praised when he behaves correctly. I would also recommend the bedtime therapy for Jack,┬ásimply correcting his behavior when necessary and ignoring any outbursts that may have previously been interpreted by him as rewarding.

Upset kid


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