Uniquely Human


Humans are unique in our cultures and traditions, our capacity for growth and innovation, and our ability to feel and understand complex emotions. Humans pass down many traditions and beliefs in our various cultures. In high school, I took a world religions class, and our belief in a higher power(s) seems to be unique to humans. While other animals pass down habits and “cultures,” humans have developed a complex system of culture that is passed down through generations. Secondly, I believe that our capacity for innovation and growth is unique. If we simply look to the technology that humans have developed, especially recently, the degree of complexity and innovation is amazing. In discussions with my peers, we’ve talked about how mind-blowing it is that we grew up with the internet¬†while our parents never truly to experience it the same way that we have in our childhoods.¬†Finally, I believe that humans have the unique capacity to feel emotions at an incredibly deep and complex level. While these emotions, at their most basic levels, are shared with other animals at various levels, it seems that humans’ ability to feel these emotions is deeper. We have complex relationships and experience and understand complex emotions.

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