Powdered gloves

An article published by the New York Times on March 21, 2016 stated the Federal Drug Administration’s proposed ban on powdered medical gloves due to their tendency to inflame wounds and cause unwanted scars to form inside the body after surgery. The first proposed bad on powdered gloves came in the late 90’s, but was denied because it would cause a shortage of an integral medical tool. This article points to research that commenced in order to remove latex from medicine because many people are allergic to it. Along with the research to show the adverse effects of latex, the study also looked at effects of the powder on the gloves. The actual research shows the powder can cause inflammation in the body that leads to granulomas as a reaction to the foreign substance in the body. I think this article represents the research well. Organizations have been presenting similar research for over 20 years suggesting a ban on these products, however they had to wait for the supply of medical gloves to increase past the point of creating a shortage along with the ban. I am sure many thought a lack of research caused the proposal’s denial for such a long period of time.

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