Meeting Spaces

Recently, I went to a meeting in a conference room on the 5th floor of the DUC. While I’ve been in several rooms on that floor, from WRME’s studio to the Wheel offices to other conference rooms, I had never been in that particular conference room. Because I was familiar with the 5th floor, I felt comfortable walking into the room. There were several chairs around a small table and a window at the back of the room. However, I became uncomfortable once I realized how small the space was; the meeting was with twenty¬†other people and the room appeared¬†to have space for only ten people. Therefore, once people began walking into the room and it became crowded, I started to feel more and more uncomfortable and crowded. While I’m not claustrophobic, the room was tightly packed and the space started to feel very, very small. If I had not been there with the purpose of having a meeting with several people, I would have felt more comfortable with the size of the space. Because I took up space within an already crowded space, I felt uncomfortable and as though I should be excluded from it.

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