Philips Arena

This past Friday I went to Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta for my first ever Atlanta Hawks game. The arena itself was huge, and the space ostensibly quite inviting. It had high-ceilings and open architecture with various shops lining the main level. In this way the space not only welcomed me to walk through it, but also enticed me. I took an escalator to our section, and then used the stairs to find our row and seats. In terms of my own body, this construct was necessary for me move around the space. Had it not ben there, my own physical capabilities would have been insufficient to get me from point A to point B. This was also the case with the elevators we took, as well as our seats in a certain sense (not as a necessity but rather a support). Sociality significantly influenced how exclusive I found the space for a specific reason: I was a Cavaliers fan amongst Hawks fans. As I made my allegiance known early in my gestures and exclamations, I was welcomed by a few and rejected by most. Some targeted me directly with expletives, and in this way, the people impacted how inviting I found the space. As we left, after an overtime Cavaliers win, my cheers were met with an even greater degree of hostility. These gesticulations however were seen more as part of the game and spectacle, and thus did not mar the experience in any way.

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