Social Construction

Considering matters of ability and disability, and various other categorizations that society imposes on us, one realizes that this system of labeling is extremely biased and restricting, and negatively impacts individuals’ quality of life in a targeted way. Individuals are all unique in their own right, so sorting people into rigid groups is inherently flawed. Beyond this, one category is typically favored over others. This, of course, is problematic because society is built to accommodate only the needs of this select group of people on the basis of false value. And individuals who fall outside of this group are harmed by this because they are forced to live in an environment that does not encourage them to thrive as they inherently could. I think it’s important to consider that there are many, many ways to live life well, and to foster an environment that encourages and embraces this. Labeling does not have to have a negative connotation so long as labels are considered fluid and flexible in definition and insufficient for capturing and considering an individual’s unique experience.


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