When I Walk


In class, we watched the documentary “When I Walk.” The movie did a good job at taking the experience of a single individual with MS and really understanding what the individual was feeling. It was a really eyeopening film, as it made me realize how how ignorant I was about how others might be feeling when going about their everyday lives. It really made me reflect upon how I can better work on being more educated and understanding on certain issues in todays society.

Going back to the film. At one point in the movie, Jason describes MS as a disability. I agree that there are certain aspects of the cultural idea of disability that makes MS a disability, however, I also think some aspects of the cultural idea of disability that are further misconstrued by the movie. One one hand, the idea of disability is well demonstrated. This can be seen through the authors struggle to access daily necessities and getting around. On the other hand, the idea of disability is misconstrued. The one point that stood out to me the most, was that disability equates to sadness. Even though positive aspects of Jason’s life are apparent, there seems to be an overarching tone of negativity when describing his life. I think it is great that the story of MS is being shared, however, labeling an individual as disabled can cause different misconceptions on what being disabled actually means.


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