Over the past years I have seen my grandmother’s motility decline – what once began as a slight pain a couple of years ago has now progressed into persistent swelling and inflammation of the knees and ankles, distortion of her feet bones, and a considerable reduction in the ease, agility and speed of her walking abilities.┬áRheumatoid Arthritis has made my grandmother who once would never be seen sitting around the house – but instead would be out and about in the garden, or in the marketplace or at the local school where she taught- prefer staying indoors. Even though her attitude and outlook have been maintained with the same positive fervor and bubbly charisma, the impediment to her motility has certainly reduced her feeling of independence and freedom of movement and scope of access to areas. When we saw the movie in class on Thursday, I sort of came to terms with my worst fears – I felt like I saw a pre-reflection of what to expect in the future. Even though the severity and prognosis for my grandmother is not as bleak as Jason’s is, I nevertheless felt a little unsettled by imagining what the future held for my grandma.


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