When I Am A Doctor

Jefferson University came out with a scale in which patients are able to rate how empathetic their doctors are. With not surprising results, their results showed that doctors who displayed a higher ranking on the scale (i.e. more empathetic) reflect patients who recovered faster.

Pertaining to our discussions and the documentary, the ablest conflation is probably most evident within the medical community, granted that the discipline is geared towards curing ailments and/or disabilities. What I find so difficult about being a physician in the upcoming year is how to walk the line between providing care for others without making assumptions about the negativity of their states.

Would I would be interested in understanding is how the ablest conflation, or lackthereof for a better analysis, impacts the Jeffersonian scale of empathy. I hypothesize that doctors who display a decreased hold of the ablest conflation would have higher ratings on the scale than doctors who do hold the conflation. By understanding the sociopsychological impact of healthcare providers, we can optimize the best quality and direction of care for future patients.

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