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Life is like a Box of Chocolates

The first connection I would like to make between the film and our discussion is that while Jason make this film about himself, he is constantly seeing himself, and he also directly said he is “allowing (himself) to see (himself).” This reminds me of our discussion about seeing ourselves seeing. However, gradually, Jason is losing his vision too, so this added another layer of seeing himself losing the ability of seeing. This idea is getting complicated with simple words. Just like our fist discussion about “What is.”

when i walk

The second connection from the film is at the scene of Jason getting onto the plane. This reminds me of reading that described similar experience. Even though in the film, Jason did not explain on any feelings he possibly had while being assisted onto the plane, from the fact that he edited more than one scenes that have people helping him onto the plane indicating some hidden emotions.






Maze Under an Apartment


It is almost the time for graduation, and I have started to think about my next step after college. Today, visiting one of my friends who already found a job and moved out to central urban area makes me feel excited about my own future. The building loos like hotel from the outside and also in the common area like elevators and lobby. However, when I entered the living room, it was a completely different atmosphere. It was a bright and spacious area with sofa next to a French window that has the view of both tall buildings in midtown and  long stretches of trees. The scented candles on the small white coffee table added another layer of warmth. As I sat on the sofa watching the video that my friend shared with me, the savory aroma of smoked chicken curry roasted out from the kitchen. We finished the day with some homemade ice cream, and I left with a little handmade ice cream bowl as a gift. Everything here seems welcoming and comfortable, except the parking lot underground. I would called it a maze because it takes me 20 minutes to find my way out there.

Disturbed Blood Flow Leads to Plaque Build-up in Arteries


Under the current trend of multimedia, scientific study or finding usually was not address correctly. Many words were taken out of the context of the original research and discussed in a completely, sometimes opposite ways. Not to overgeneralize all the media, some of them does explain studies in a more plain and understandable language for wider range of readers.

In this particular article from What is Epigenetics, even though they did not go into detail about the research, they address the reason, importance and the finding of the original study. The quote from the study was not select for making any bias standpoint. Moreover, the article included main factors in the study with brief explanation after it. I think that most of the science related journals, magazine or online articles that have workers with science backgrounds have better understanding in how to approach original studies and turn them into simpler words. Whereas, many other unrelated media will just modify or plagiarize findings for their own profits.


Article: http://www.whatisepigenetics.com/epigenetic-change-tied-to-hardening-of-the-arteries/

Research: https://www.jci.org/articles/view/74792

What makes human unique?

The idea of human being unique from all other organisms has been brought up many times in the past. There are all kinds of different point of views to support such idea. For example, religiously, human are say to be capable of using spirits, moreover, we are made to be in the appearance similar to “god.” However, from a biological point of view, we are not so much different from mice either genetically or physiologically.


Through out all these different opinions, I personally like and agree with the one I heard from a TED talk. The speaker argued that what makes us different from all other animal is that we know how to cook. This enable us to support a high-energy demanded brain. Due to this fact, our brain evolved to be higher in neuron ratio than other animals’ brains. Therefore, human are capable to perform more complicated movements and advanced cognitive ability. This is the reason why we are unique.

Behavior Management: Jack Case Study


According to the description, there are several risk factors that could possibly affect Jack’s behavior management, such as Jack’s mother being a single parent with 4 other children. This could lead to high level of stress and indirectly leads to epigenetic changes of the mother. Not to mention the substance abuse earlier, even though the mother claimed that she did not take drugs or alcohol during pregnancy, it is still possible that her epigenetic has already been altered. These changes could be passed on to Jack’s epigenome and therefore increase the possibilities of poor behavior management.

However some protective factors such as Jack’s grandmother as another caregiver, and also clean toxicology test, in addition with normal academic grades indicating that Jack’s impulsive behavior might due to his desire to acquire attention from his parent. Since he has four siblings, Jack might just simply felt that he does not have enough share of love from his mother. Thus, he chose to act negatively to attract attention. One possible way of treating such behavior could be the PMT we talked about in class. Jack’s mother can ignore Jack’s inappropriate behaviors and recognize his good behaviors. This way Jack can flip his mindset to connect acquiring attention with appropriate behaviors.

Biopsychosocial Framework of Aggression

This combination of biology and social aspects in explaining psychological changes in emotion constantly reminds me of lessons I learned in epigenetic class. I feel like these three different but similar fields (biology, psychology and sociology) can overlap and interconnected with each other, but they can also exist in a sequential manner.
For example, there are studies about how PTSD experience can be passed on to next generations just through minor changes in epigenes. Research shown that children with parents who had gone through trauma have higher possibility of developing depression or other psychological diseases. This shows how social factors modified biological pattern and leads to psychological consequences. Moreover, it is possible that such impact can even be passed on not only to the following generations but many more after. This highlighted ethical issues on current generation’s  actions can indirectly affect our children or grand-children. Thus, maybe find a way to alter this epigenetic changes could be a way to cure psychological diseases.

The Evil Within


The Evil Within is a video game that I watched someone played before. When mentioning psychopaths, this is the first thing that came to my mind. The background setting of this video game is at an asylum. They portrayed psychopaths as crazy people that had to be tied up and can only live in small cells like at jail because they are believed to possibly will hurt themselves or other “normal” people. Some characteristics related to the psychopaths in this game are constantly murmuring or shouting, and inability to control own physiological functions. Moreover, it seems like the pain the feel is more psychological than physical. The whole atmosphere of the theme is dark and scary, which I believe is a stereotype that had been created through social media. Thus, most people think of psychopaths always related to such scene and characteristics, and I am deeply affected by those implanted messages too.

#Mountain Stones

“At midnight, while I lay there not hearing even an insect” This is one of the sentences from Mountain Stones, a seven character ancient verse by Han Yu. I have been to this museum several times and every time I will come directly to this mummy. Not only because I am really interested in Egypt and everything related, but also because whenever I look at this mummy, it reminds me of that poem wrote by Han Yu.


Like mountains, the mummy lying on his side shows the ups and downs of the lines of the body. Like stones, his has been mummified into stiff position with awkwardly bending legs and fake ears.

The introduction on the wall next to it explains that the mummy had been modeled to this sleeping position with his neck cradled in a headrest. With the beams of light shine on him, I think he is more like resting comfortably and observing every movement in the museum. We are not the audience, he is. He has long been here before we were born, and witness people come and go.

I noticed there’s a little headphone symbol on the introduction, indicating there might be other vocal introduction of this mummy through the devices of the museum. I did not have a chance to listen to it, but I believe it will be very similar to the words on the wall. Just plain background knowledge, but to me he is the most unique mummy I have ever seen.

Political Satire Through Images

When talking about political satire, the first thing that came into my mind is the cartoon that I always find it interesting to read on Business Weekly. My parents are Taiwan businessmen working in China, and they subscribed this Business Weekly since I was young. The only that attracted me in the magazine were those political satire cartoons in the first few pages. Sometimes they got ripped off, and my parents told me that it is because it talked about some sensitive political problems between China and Taiwan, so the customs officers destroyed them.

business weekly

Reflecting back to Exit Through the Gift Shop, I found that the common way they used to criticize politics is through image. Undoubtedly, images are the best way to catch people’s eyes. Moreover, it is an universal “language” that everyone can understand. In Banksky’s case, I feel like he covered this sort-of illegal graffiti movement into an act of “justice,” but in the end also revealed the “dark side within the dark side.” Like one of the critics said “starting quietly but ending up in a hall of mirrors…” No one know what the truth is, It just continue to reflect back and forth itself.


Witch, Princess, and Wise Man

In the process of growing up, we all face a lot of dilemmas, and we not only learn from those struggles but also learn from the teaching from others about how to deal with those struggles.

snow white

“The wise men ended rumors.” This is what my father would tell me whenever I involved in a fight with friends. “Don’t be a witch, be a princess,” and this is what my mother would say to me on the other hand. I might interpret them wrong, but I understand my mother’s words as “always forgive. No revenge. Be nice and friendly,” and my father’s as “Do the right thing in the right way.” It seems like revenge is acceptable but depends on how it is done. In light of our discussion, I can clearly see how my own “culture” has been shaped differently from others base on my family, community, and media. I included media is because of this prejudice of witch being the bad character at all time. who says there are no good witches?