Current Issue: Fall 2017

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About the Journal

JHR is a peer reviewed, multi-media journal using a collaborative model with rehabilitation professionals, patients and their families to gain a greater understanding of the human experience of disability through art, literature and narrative. The purpose of this interdisciplinary journal is to raise the consciousness and deepen the intellect of the humanistic relationship in the rehabilitation sciences.

What Can Be Learned From Relationships Between People With and Without Disabilities: Inter-Abled Relationships - Undergraduate students at Emory University interviewed individuals in three unique relationships to shed light on the diverse impacts disability has on differently-abled people within relationships.
Two Dreams about Losing My Body - Body, my house my horse my hound, what will I do when you are fallen…? Johanna Lutrell, PhD, describes the experience of losing her body after a sudden onset of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
The True Weight of Stigma - In a thoughtful and sensitive report, physical therapist Cameron Jadali discusses the lessons learned in his interaction with an overweight patient–reflecting on his previously unrealized biases regarding weight.
Resources: Fall 2017 - Collection of links and resources for health humanities with potential applications in rehabilitation sciences education, clinical care and research.
Personhood, Embodiment, and Disability Bioethics in the Healing Narratives of Jesus - Catholic bioethicist Cory Labrecque, PhD, discusses the healing narratives of Jesus as a rich resource for Christian patients and their caregivers as they pursue meaning and the preservation of personhood following life-changing illness or disability.
The Game - In her poem “The Game,” Anju Kanwar marks the slow progress of time one experiences when haunted by painful thoughts and memories, in the early-morning hours of solitude following a loss.
Imprisoned - Vivid, sensorial reflections–of sight, of sound, of touch–create an intimately familiar and entirely unique lyric contemplation on memory and an imagined life-changing injury in Bruce H. Greenfield’s “Imprisoned.”
Call for Papers and Instructions to Submit - The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation welcomes submissions regarding the human experience of patients, families and healthcare providers involved in therapy and rehabilitation. Special Call: ACAPT Consortium for Humanities, Ethics and Professionalism and JHR Physical Therapy Student Essay Contest submission guidelines (deadline January 5, 2018).