About the Journal

JHR is a peer reviewed, multi-media journal using a collaborative model with rehabilitation professionals, patients and their families to gain a greater understanding of the human experience of disability through art, literature and narrative. The purpose of this interdisciplinary journal is to raise the consciousness and deepen the intellect of the humanistic relationship in the rehabilitation sciences.

Frida Kahlo’s Backbone - Through a carefully constructed and thoughtful poem, Michael J. Leach, PhD, explores the tumultuous life and art of Frida Khalo revealing the tremendous strength that underlies this artist’s work.
Lessons from the Lake - Through her description of a personal encounter with an acquaintance devastated by a stroke, Regina Kaufman, PT, EdD, MS, NCS, contemplates how personal connection during therapy sessions may enable patients to re-embody the world and social roles that they have lost.
When the Foo is on the Other Shüte (I Mean When the Shoe is on the Other Foot) - Experienced Rehabilitation Psychologist, Joyce Fichtenbaum, PhD, reflects on the important distinctions between wants and needs, and waiting, anticipating, and planning when facing life altering diagnoses and addressing the unknowns of health and illness.
The Other Side of the Bedrail - After nearly 20 years of clinical practice, physical therapist Mary Pugh Alligood finds herself reflecting on lessons learned from the other side of patient care and poignantly describes her experiences after a diagnosis of inoperable brain cancer tumor and colostomy surgery.
DPT Program Stages an Art Show: Using Art to Develop a Heart for the Profession of Physical Therapy - Sue Klappa, PT, PhD, and colleagues discuss how Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students created visual art projects to gain a deeper understanding of how physical therapy transforms society and improves quality of life for patients.
Call for Papers and Instructions to Submit - The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation welcomes submissions regarding the human experience of patients, families and healthcare providers involved in therapy and rehabilitation.