Olga’s approach to Leaching a C diff team

I don’t seem to be able to post a comment on Olga’s post (although I could comment on Alex’s and Eve’s!), so I am going to do this as a new post.

This is what I would have said about Olga, if time permitted today:

Based on her profile, Olga is values driven, intuitive about people, a hard worker with high standards, and has a drive to learn and know more. She is not a micro-manager, and will not get bogged down with facts and data, but she will insist on a quality product.  She does not like conflict.

I believe Olga will meet with each team member and get a sense of their strengths and how they might fit together. She will then divide them into small groups of people who can work together well, each with a task. The small groups will report back to her and to the team as a whole. In the meantime, Olga will put in long hours researching best practice for combatting C difficile, and will provide this information to the teams. She will welcome feedback, listen and connect with team members, but will cut short any bickering or conflict by redirecting team members. Her values, sense of purpose, and drive will inspire the team, and her hard work and insistence on excellence will get results.

Am I close, Olga?

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  1. onturne says:

    I would say that is probably a close guess. 🙂

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