Article From US Department of Veterans Affairs, July 2014

Remarks by Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson (Veterans Affairs):

This article is an example of a failing health system within the United States.  The VA has recently experienced leadership and organizational challenges which has unfortunately resulted in negative outcomes for patients as well as employees of the VA.  It is my opinion that Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson outlines clear improvement initiatives in this document and exemplifies qualities of a strong leader.

  • Transparency: A key concept for improving quality.  The organization demonstrates transparency in outlying faults in business processes and leadership.
  • System Improvement:  The VA recognized the need to improve system processes which are ultimately heavily influenced by leadership and top executives.  Structural changes within leadership were implemented by the Deputy including reallocation of resources and halts to financial incentives for executives.
  • Employee Opinion: Gaining data and feedback from frontline employees is crucial in implementing changes within an organization.  Personal interviews among these workers were conducted by the Deputy.   The Deputy also placed an emphasis on valuing and embracing employee opinions rather than penalization for workers who express their perspectives related to work environment issues.


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