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Sustainability and Measurement

I originally posted this on the Week 11 page on Thursday, but for some reason it is “awaiting Moderation” so I am reposting here. Measurability and Sustainability My DNP project seeks to transform the obstetric triage and admissions process at … Continue reading

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Article accessed through Kaiser Health Blog VA Whistleblowers to Detail Retribution According the whistleblowers interviewed for this article, the VA had a pervasive culture of punishing anyone who raised questions about safety, quality, or fulfilling the core values of the VA (French, 2014). The VA’s website … Continue reading

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Olga’s approach to Leaching a C diff team

I don’t seem to be able to post a comment on Olga’s post (although I could comment on Alex’s and Eve’s!), so I am going to do this as a new post. This is what I would have said about Olga, … Continue reading

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Leadership Week 1 Post – Erin Biscone

I am an ENFJ according the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, although I am almost balanced between E and I. My Blake and Moulton Managerial Grid Leadership Self-assessment results fell in the team leader box, but my people score was higher than … Continue reading

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