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Leadership Philosoophy

MY PHILOSOPHY OF LEADERSHIP             According to Burns (2012), a philosophy of leadership is a working document which continues to grow and change as new skills, knowledge and experience is gained.  This is certainly true as I reflect on how … Continue reading

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Sustainability and Corporate Strategy

Located in an area surrounded largely by private residences and small businesses, Northside Hospital’s mission is committed to the health and wellness of the community as well as becoming a regional leader in select medical specialties.  The values to support … Continue reading

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Overmedicating and Seniors

I think there is still a lot to be known about dementia and how much medication is too much.  As is pointed out in this website article, the problem of overmedication of elderly people is increasing to almost epidemic proportions. … Continue reading

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Week #! Scholar Blog Ppost

I think that the Paragon Learning Style described me perfectly: my results pegged me as an INFP. Interestingly, the Jung typology test results showed me as a INFJ. Either way, it identified the I am a usually very enthusiastic, good … Continue reading

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