Core Systems Activities, Summer 2015


I would like briefly to update you on last quarter’s Library Core Systems activities.


  • Made Exhibitions a primary navigation element on the Woodruff Library’s website


  • Removed the Articles tab from discoverE
  • Provided links to WorldCat Identities for authorized personal names
  • Revised the facet selection Full Text Available to read Full Access Online, more accurately indicating possible access to audio, video and images
  • Revised the item availability statement when an item’s availability cannot be determined: Check Locations/Call Number tab or ask Library Staff
  • Batch deleted 2,914 eBooks when pay-for-view access before purchase became no-longer cost effective, and granted Collection Management access to remove individual eBooks

Aleph, EZ Proxy and other activities

  • Upgraded to Luna 7
  • Implemented EZ Proxy authorization under Shibboleth
  • Provided cataloging web form access to delete OCLC holdings
  • Discontinued access to EUCLID, currently directing traffic to discoverE
  • Provided financial officers web form access to aleph-related budgeting information
  • Worked with the Alma FAWGs to complete Phase I of the Alma migration project, now moving into Phase II with Ex Libris
  • Assumed responsibility for managing aspects of Emory Shared Data database to ensure continuous authorization through EZ Proxy

In addition, this last quarter many of us attended ELUNA 2015, where Bernardo Gomez presented “Exposing Aleph records as Linked Data.”  Laura Akerman also attended Ivies + Discovery Day to give a well received, live demo of discoverE

 We have a number of projects underway for the next quarter, including

  • Beginning work on a new Cascade site
  • Implementing document delivery requesting through discoverE
  • Beginning work on a pattern library for web and application development
  • Creating custom URL shorteners for, and
  • Beginning work on a redesign of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library homepage
  • Redirecting to a new site, pending Cabinet approval
  • Working with the Web Experience and Content Strategy group on a web writing style guide
  • Conducting an analysis of the Library Services Center technology and its integrations into Alma
  • Working with the Web Experience and Content Strategy group to develop a voice and tone style guide
  • Bringing up Emory’s SFX integrated UStat service to provide easier access to information about high-usage titles, usage trend data analysis and more
  • Developing a site for Cascade template documentation, including web assets, a web writing style guide, a voice and tone style guide and a pattern library for web and application development
  • Testing new features available in recent updates to Primo (discoverE) from Ex Libris and gathering feedback on possible improvements

Finally, public access to EUCLID was discontinued on June 1st.  To help those of you with responsibility for communicating externally about changes to library systems, I have attached a brief slide.  It lists some things to remember when talking about the sun setting of EUCLID in preparation for the change to Alma.  Let me know if you have questions or want more information.

 You can send questions about Library Core Systems activities to coreserviceshelp [at] emory [dot] edu.  The team’s status page gives information about specific systems and instructions for reporting problems,


Christopher Spalding, Director, Library Core Systems