Alma Project Update # 12

Emory Alma project teams continue to work with ExLibris on going live with Alma and a new instance of Primo on December 16th.  ExLibris and Emory are working on configuring the new Primo to emulate our current instance.  There may be slight differences in styling and functionality with Alma supplying data to the new Primo.  We are also evaluating whether to run SFX in parallel with Primo through March, or switch to an Alma-driven solution for listing eJournals.  More details on this in a future update. 

Last week, Alma project team members and managers identified library staff who will be assigned User Manager roles in Alma.  User Managers will assign user roles to library staff and student employees for daily Alma operation.  In addition, all users of Alma, including students, will use their Emory netIDs and passwords to access Alma.

Graydon previously sent out a message that included key cutover and freeze dates.  I’m including the table from that message below.  For more information, see Graydon’s email to liball-l on November 12, 2015.

  • Technical Services Freeze – all work in Aleph, Primo, and Alma stops – 11/25 – 12/15
  • Alma Training Freeze (Production system only – sandbox will be available) – 12/9 – 12/15
  • Re-load Aleph Data into Alma – NO ALMA ACTIVITY / TRAINING, etc. – 12/10 – 12/ 10
  • Emory Signs-Off on Aleph to Alma Data Acceptance – 12/11 – 12/11
  • Reload and Reindex Alma Data to Primo (up to 5 days) – 12/11 – 12/15
  • Circulation Freeze – ExLibris Copies Fulfillment Data Offline transaction process is utilized, NO ALMA ACTIVITY/TRAINING, etc. – 12/13 – 12/16
  • Verify Data Loads and Testing – 12/11 – 12/16
  • Final acceptance and Go-live with Alma and Primo – 12/16 – 12/16
  • Load Offline Circulation Data – 12/16 – 12/17

Training.  With the exception of a “Print Serials Fundamentals” (11/24, 10am today!) and “Advanced Electronic Resources” (12/1) classroom training is complete.  Please contact Jessie Copeland for more information on the “Print Serials” class and either Jessie Copeland or Bonnie Bryan for more information on the “Advanced Electronic Resources class.”

If you missed the classroom training that has already taken place, please note that training materials for basic searching/navigating and resource management (metadata) are online, here:

ExLibris training materials also continue to be available.  They can be found here:

If you feel that you need instruction or help beyond that provided by the training materials, please let your core team or steering team representative know.

If you have questions about training, the project, or Alma, please direct them to a FAWG, Core, or Steering Team member from your library or department.  See a list of teams and members, here: .   You can also send questions to me or to our project manager, Graydon Kirk (gkirk [at] emory [dot] edu).

On behalf of everyone working on the Alma project, thanks for feedback and encouragement. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.