Alma Migration Project Update #15 (December 11, 2015)


This will be a brief Friday afternoon message. On Monday I will send another message with details about the specifics of go-live on December 16 as we put Alma into production and users begin using the Alma-driven Primo.

Key work ongoing:

The Core Systems team continues to work with ExLibris to ensure a smooth transition from SFX to Discovere for ejournal access.

Many throughout the libraries continue to work on communication: Core Systems has placed banners on discoverE and eJournals/SFX pages; a brief note on the Libraries’ website links to a blog post written by Kim Collins, and Yolanda Cooper has sent a message to all faculty.  A more complete list of communication activities is here.

FAWG team members are reviewing data and configurations in Alma and the new Alma-driven discoverE, logging issues for review and response by Core Systems and ExLibris.

Once we accept the data and configurations in Alma (anticipated by the end of today), ExLibris will begin to publish Alma data to Primo.  This will take several days, bringing us to go-live on December 16.

Please note that if you have been previewing or testing the new Alma-driven Primo, the Alma data is temporarily out of sync while ExLibris refreshes the data as part of our go-live cutover.

If you have questions about the project or Alma, please direct them to a FAWG, Core, or Steering Team member from your library or department.  See a list of teams and members, here: .   You can also send questions to me or to our project manager, Graydon Kirk (gkirk [at] emory [dot] edu).

On behalf of everyone working on the Alma project, thanks for feedback, encouragement, and ideas.