Alma Project Update #14 (December 7, 2015)


In my message from November 23, I mentioned that we were evaluating the possibility of running SFX in parallel with Alma/Primo through March or switching to the Alma-driven solution for user access to ejournals at go-live. Based on consultations with ExLibris, the Libraries made the decision to switch from the SFX driven search to the Alma-driven search within discoverE in tandem with the Alma go-live process.

I recognize that a change to ejournals A-Z will pose challenges for staff and users. To that end, Core Systems and ExLibris are working to ensure that legacy SFX links continue to work as we transition; the ECR team and Health Sciences staff are working with vendors to update URLs, and other staff are working on a communication plan.

The communication plan, presented to Library Cabinet and the Library Policy Committee, includes multiple channels: an announcement on the Libraries’ website; banner messages on discoverE (beginning today); talking points for service desks; and a blog post.

In addition, Core Systems and Graydon Kirk will send periodic messages to liball-l to update everyone on the status of various systems as the switchover occurs.

The Alma Core and Steering team members have access to a shared Box folder that includes details regarding the communication plan.

The Core Systems team and ExLibris continue to work on ensuring that configurations, services, and data are in place for our December 16 go live with Alma and the new ejournals A-Z within discoverE.

The new Alma-driven discoverE can be previewed here.  Please use and test, but note that final configurations, styling, and data won’t be available until December 15.

If you have questions about the project or Alma, please direct them to a FAWG, Core, or Steering Team member from your library or department.  See a list of teams and members, here: .   You can also send questions to me or to our project manager, Graydon Kirk (gkirk [at] emory [dot] edu).

On behalf of everyone working on the Alma project, thanks for feedback, encouragement, and ideas.