Alma Migration Project Update #16 (December 14, 2015)

We are on track to begin using Alma and the Alma-driven discoverE on December 16th.  We are not yet certain of the exact time as we have to wait for Ex Libris to complete their work and give an all-clear.  

Currently, the FAWGS are testing circulation data and new the Alma-driven discoverE; both activities will continue tomorrow.

Library Core Systems has notified user managers that they may now assign roles and profiles to Alma users. On December 16th, after go-live, Alma users can login to Alma with their Emory NetID and password using the link provided by their user manager. Please direct any questions about roles to a user manager, likely a supervisor or manager in your area.

Core System is coordinating with both Emory and ExLibris network teams to make the switchover from the old Aleph-based discoverE to the new Alma-driven discoverE more seamless so that users do not continue to see the old discoverE after go-live. 

Please be aware that some Primo integrations and functionality are not yet available (custom requesting such as Aeon, Ares, and document delivery) and will be released by early January or later, according to the approved integrations schedule. Core Systems will also work with the Primo Testing and Advisory groups post-launch to identify user interface adjustments on new/changed Primo options where feasible.

If you have questions about the project or Alma, please direct them to a FAWG, Core, or Steering Team member from your library or department.  See a list of teams and members, here: .   You can also send questions to me or to our project manager, Graydon Kirk (gkirk [at] emory [dot] edu).

On behalf of everyone working on the Alma project, thanks for feedback, encouragement, and ideas.