DiscoverE update Sunday Sept. 4

At approximately 1 a.m. Sunday, September 4,  the software behind DiscoverE will undergo an update.  Expect a brief (5 – 10 minutes) down time or two, during the early morning hours, sometime after 1 a.m..   Otherwise, we expect DiscoverE to perform normally.  If there are unexpected problems, you can report them to eulcoreserviceshelp [at] emory [dot] edu

These quarterly updates often introduce new features or changes in infrastructure to support future improvements, as well as bug fixes.

Improvements to LC call number browse and NLM call number browse are being tested and will probably be implemented  the weekend after the update.

Mostly, this update has added components of a “new user interface” infrastructure.  As this new capability develops, we’ll be testing and learning about the new technology, and planning for a revised “front end” for DiscoveE next year.