DiscoverE Update Sunday, December 11

An update/release is scheduled to be applied to our Production Primo environment (DiscoverE) on December 11 (this coming Sunday), beginning at 1 a.m. our time.  The installation for these updates is usually completed during early morning hours and typically involves a “halt/restart” or two that may make DiscoverE inaccessible for 5-10 minutes each.

This is a maintenance update and mainly adds features for the “New UI” (which is not yet a complete replacement for our current UI).  We saw no problems in our test system.  We will be doing basic checking Monday morning and will give an “all clear” if we encounter no problems.  If you experience a new problem with DiscoverE on Sunday or thereafter, please get in touch with us (you can email coreserviceshelp [at] emory [dot] edu).