DiscoverE update, Sunday February 25, 2018

DiscoverE’s software will get an update on Sunday morning, February 25 between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.  Users may experience a brief downtime (less than 15 minutes) while servers are restarted.  We’ve tested this update and found no problems.

If you notice a new problem after the update, please report the details of it via email to coreserviceshelp [at] emory [dot] edu.

Changes from the update that might be noticeable:

  • DiscoverE may sometimes expand the terms in searches that produce few or no results, by searching on different forms of words (such as singular or plural forms) or synonyms, to give results you might not have seen otherwise. These might be relevant to your search; if they aren’t,  there may be no items matching your search or you may have misspellings – try modifying the search.
  • Relevance of results has been improved for searches that contain an ampersand (&) – these now include results with either the & or the word “and”.
  • Some conditions where a search fails in DiscoverE now generate more detailed explanatory messages.

This is a good time to mention a few other small improvements we’ve made to DiscoverE recently:

  • corrected a problem with duplicate languages appearing in record displays
  • added hyperlinking (clickable phrases that execute a search) for the Uniform Title, Is Part Of, and Relation fields in full record display, and move Series into the Relation field
  • added display and indexing for MARC 562 (Copy and version identification note) and 563 (Binding) MARC tags in the Local Note display field, for rare books
  • improved facets/library rules so item with multiple library holdings will have those libraries shown in the facet.

We and our vendor are planning many more improvements this year to give you the best discovery service possible.  Stay tuned!