DiscoverE Improvements, August 10-12

Library Technology and Digital Strategies and the Core Systems Department will be releasing a group of improvements and fixes for DiscoverE that will be put into production starting August 10 and extending into the weekend of August 11-12.

Report an error:  The most noticeable change will probably be addition of a “Report an Error” link in the full display of records coming from our catalog management system, Alma.  We are hoping users who notice typos or other problems with the records in DiscoverE will use the link to an error report form to pass this information along to catalogers who can make corrections;  this will help improve the quality of DiscoverE experience for everyone.

Variant title for non-English language items.  We are re-introducing showing a single variant title in the brief result list, but only for items whose primary language is not English.  This may help in cases where users know an item by its English title but it is in a non-English language (particularly for films).

The Emory LITS | DiscoverE logo in upper right corner will link to the DiscoverE home page.  Users expect the logo at right to “take them home”.

Other small fixes include re-styling of the Business view to our standard DiscoverE style and to fix a drop-down menu problem; changing language in ETDs to direct users to the ETD site when embargo status is uncertain;  correcting a scrolling problem in the Citation Linker feature, and making sure all parts of tables of contents in non-Roman language scripts are searchable.

Interface-only changes will be implemented on Friday Aug. 10; changes requiring a re-normalization and re-indexing of DiscoverE will take place over the weekend and should be in place by Monday.   New cataloging may be delayed in reaching DiscoverE starting after 3 p.m. Friday until this process is finished.

We appreciate your patience as we work to make DiscoverE better.  Should you encounter any problems, contact coresystemshelp [at] emory [dot] edu .