DiscoverE Improvements October 5-7 2019

Improvements to DiscoverE are planned for installation October 5 – 7:

Over the weekend starting Friday afternoon October 5 after 5 p.m., we will be implementing  changes that require re-normalization and indexing of DiscoverE.  This will delay appearance of new records and revisions from cataloging for approximately 24 hours.  These include:

  •  A fix for a problem that caused some records to “deduplicate” together when they should remain separate.
  • The Language Note field will now include a field that describes the script in which the language is expressed for certain languages that can be expressed in multiple scripts (for example:       Language Note:  In Urdu (Devanagari).  Includes Hindi glosses.
  • A new Exhibitions Note field will be added to the full Description tab for records when there is a note about exhibitions of the item being described, at Emory or elsewhere.

Other changes will be implemented Monday morning, October 7.  These include:

  • Change the label of the “Online Resource” tab to “Access Online”, to follow the grammar of our other tabs that describe what you can do in the tab.
  • When a record is for an item belonging to Georgia Tech, in the Locate/Request tab, the statement “No results found” was confusing.  We’re changing it to “No results found at this institution”.  The user can then “Check availability in other institutions,” choose Georgia Tech,  and if they are logged in, they can request items for delivery.
  • When a record is for an item belonging to Georgia Tech, remove the “Search DiscoverE” link – it is not necessary since our users are already using DiscoverE and can easily do a new search using the top search bar or by clicking “Library Search” in the menu above it.
  • When a record is for an item belonging to Georgia Tech, change the message “Having problems?  Please contact your library” to “Need help?  Ask a Librarian”  which links to the Ask a  Librarian page where users can contact librarians via chat or email.

If you encounter any problems or questions about these enhancements, please contact coreserviceshelp [at] emory [dot] edu

Laura Akerman, Product Manager, DiscoverE