DiscoverE Improvements, November 11 2019

DiscoverE’s maintainers are happy to introduce two enhancements in DiscoverE on Monday, November 11:

  1. Simplified location names for items located in the Library Service Center:We heard that some of you found the Library Service Center location names confusing, because they also contained names of source libraries and collections (for example. Library Service Center Woodruff – U.S. Government Documents).   People sometimes showed up at the source library instead of placing a request for delivery from the Library Service Center, which is located at the Briarcliff campus. We thought Emory users get enough exercise and wanted to avoid wasting your time.  Now, the location names in DiscoverE are simplified to either “Library Service Center” or “Library Service Center – Non-Circulating“.Non-circulating items can’t be requested but can be viewed at the Library Service Center   Staff who need to know the source collection can identify it using the internal library management systems.
  2. “Tool Tips” help you navigate the information item tabs.  Sometimes, a short label can’t convey enough information about what something is or how to use it.  To cut down on head-scratching, we’ve added popup tips that explain a little bit more about each tab you see when you click on a record from a result list:  For example:  
  3. You can use the DiscoverE Feedback form to send us opinions (positive or negative) about these improvements.  But, if you notice something that doesn’t work as it normally should,  please email coreserviceshelp [at] emory [dot] edu for product support.