CDI: New article index for the Combined tab in discoverE, coming August 9

The “Primo Central” index that powers the Combined Tab in discoverE – searching articles and many other types of e-content – is being combined with more indexed items from the Summon product index to create a new index of over 4 billion records, called Central Discovery Index (CDI), including some improvements to ranking, deduplication and other aspects.  CDI is scheduled be applied to discoverE and our library management system Alma on August 9 2020.

This change should not create any interruption of service.    One question users and staff might ask:  will all my e-shelf bookmarks, saved searches, or permalinks to records in the current Combined Tab / Primo Central have to be re-done?  Ex Libris is providing re-directing from the old URLs to CDI records, so the answer is no!  There’s a very slight chance an individual record might have a problem with redirecting, but we’ve not heard of this happening at other institutions.  Users that are concerned could export their e-shelf via email or the “print” function in discoverE now, or check on any “central index” links to articles, etc. they may have shared or published after the switchover on August 9.We’ll provide more detail about the improvements closer to the time of migration, and also some tips for getting the most out of the Combined tab.