Welcome to LINC!

The LINC initiative (Learning through Inclusive Collaboration) seeks to unlock the powerful synergy of intellectual and social inclusivity in the classroom to drive innovation at Emory University. We see interdisciplinary work as a fundamental form of intellectual inclusivity. Working across and between disciplines offers a multiplicity of points of entry, maximizing participants’ ability to find and express their perspectives and interests.

We see broad participation and engagement, by both students and faculty, as a key measure of social inclusivity. We propose that intellectual inclusivity, expressed through path breaking interdisciplinary practice, promotes social inclusivity by facilitating and attracting the participation of people from a wide range of identities, perspectives, and approaches. Through LINC courses that leverage existing courses to create points of intersection, we will assess whether intellectual inclusivity promotes social inclusivity and fosters innovation.

The LINC Initiative will share pedagogical strategies, reflections, and resources on this Scholar Blog. We look forward to building interdisciplinary community with our readers.