Professional Activities

Member, Board of Directors Achillion Pharmaceuticals 2008-2015

Member, Board of Directors NeurOp

Member, Board of Directors Que Oncology

Member, Scientific Advisory Board Altiris Therapeutics

Member, Scientific Advisory Board University of Pittsburgh Center for Chemical Methodologies & Library Development

Board of Directors, Health Connect South

Founder, Bioscience Entrepreneurship Program

Emory University Senate Lecture Series Panel, 2013

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Cerecor Inc, 2011-present

Member, Biological Chemistry and Macromolecular Biophysics (BCMB) Study Section, The National Institutes of Health, 2010

Member, Board of Directors, Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures 2006-2013

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, MetaStatix, Inc., 2005-2008

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Chimerix, Inc. 2003-2009

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, iThemba Pharmaceuticals, 2001-2014

Member, Board of Directors, F.O.B. Synthesis, Inc., 2001-present

Member, Executive Committee, Molecular and Systems Pharmacology Graduate Program, 2001-2007

Co-Director, Knowledge Transfer, Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, 1999-2001

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Triangle Pharmaceuticals, 1998-2003

Member, External Advisory Committee, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Center for AIDS Research, 1996-2001

Vice President for Research, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 1996-2000

Member, AIDS and Related Research Study Section, National Institutes of Health, 1995-1997; Chair 1997-1998

Member, Drug Discovery Study Section, The American Cancer Society, 1995-2006

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Triangle Pharmaceuticals, 1995-1998

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, AtheroGenics, 1995-2007

Editor (with V. Cornel), Recent Reviews, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1995-1999

Consultant, Boehringer Ingelheim, 1994-2000

Director, Molecular Therapeutics Program, Winship Cancer Center, 1994-2000

Ad Hoc Member, Personnel C Advisory Panel, The American Cancer Society, 1993-1994

Consultant, BioMega (Montreal), 1993-1997

Ad Hoc Member, Bioorganic and Natural Products Study Section, The National Institutes of Health, 1992

Consultant, Burroughs Wellcome (Glaxo Wellcome), 1992-1996

Member of the Board of Editors, Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Wiley-Interscience, 1992-1997

Consultant, The Wellcome Research Foundation Ltd. (United Kingdom), 1991-1993

Consultant, Glaxo Group Ltd. (United Kingdom), 1991-1993

Editor (with M. Volmer), Organic Syntheses Reaction Guide, Wiley-Interscience, 1991

Member, Executive Committee, Division of Organic Chemistry, American Chemical Society, 1990-1992; Secretary-Treasurer, 1994-1997

Editor, Advances in Molecular Modeling, Vol. 1, 2, and 3, JAI Press, 1988, 1990, 1995

Ad Hoc Member, Medicinal Chemistry Study Section, The National Institutes of Health, 1988, 1994

Chairman, Georgia Section, American Chemical Society, 1988

Instructor, American Chemical Society Short Course on Molecular Modeling, Athens, G.A., 1988-2000

Editor, Tetrahedron “Symposium in Print”- “Recent Aspects of Organoselenium”

Chair, Symposium on Molecular Modeling, Molecular Design, Ltd., Murray Hill, NJ, 1989

Chair, Symposium on Molecular Modeling, SERMACS 88, Atlanta, GA 1988

Chair, Gordon Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry, 1988

Editor, “Organoselenium Chemistry, “Wiley- Interscience, 1987

Co-Chair, The Latest Trends in Organic Synthesis Symposia, 1986-2000

Consultant, R. W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute, 1985-2000

Co-Chair, Gulf Coast Chemistry Conference, 1981-2007

Co- Chair, National Science Foundation Workshop on Reactive Intermediates, 1980-1983