A Smarter Way to Page

The Messaging Team plans to replace pagers with a smartphone app (Amcom Mobile Connect). The team will now be formally offering this service and has completed an implementation plan to roll out the application over the next year.

OIT users of paging and on-call services can enhance their service with this option as well. Amcom Mobile Connect can enhance the paging experience for you by separating critical server alert messages from other emails and text messages, allowing message acknowledgment and replies, and removing character limits. I have outlined additional benefits below:

Amcom Mobile Connect allows users to receive messages on any iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, or Blackberry smart phone, as a unique paging message.

While the Emory Office of Information Technology still offers support for traditional one-way pagers, Amcom Mobile Connect is now being made available to the Emory community, as an alternative to paging to pagers.

  • An iOS, Android, or Blackberry smart phone device is required
  • To request and set up Amcom Mobile Connect, go HERE
  • For information on how to use the application, go HERE
  • This service provides enhanced features, such as those listed below:
Example of the new paging service documentation

Key elements of the new paging service documentation.

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