James Alston Honored

Photo of James Alston

James Alston with his award from Blomeyer.

Who is the most physically fit person you know? It might be James Alston (Enterprise Applications), who was recently honored by the staff at Emory’s Blomeyer Health Fitness Center.

Every year, Blomeyer hosts a 12-week “body transformation” competition, called FitTrip, in which they perform underwater hydrostatic weigh-ins of their competitors to achieve the most accurate body fat testing, then measure everyone again at the end of 12 weeks of weight loss and muscle gain.

Alston, a competitive marathon runner who uses FitTrip to help prepare him for his summer running season, has won the event an amazing 10 years in a row. This year, however, James decided to participate in the program unofficially so that someone else could win.

In honor of his dedication to the program, Corporate Sports Unlimited & the FitTrip committee decided to create an award to be given to those who produce great achievements year after year in FitTrip. This is the first annual honor of the award, and has been named “The James Alston Achievement award.” James received his honor at a banquet at the Hudson Grille.

“We appreciate James’s strong commitment to our program,” says Shana Ricker, the General Manager of Blomeyer. “He loves a challenge and we wanted to honor him. We will have present the award next year!”

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