Avaya Flare Experience in Library

Screen shot of the Avaya Flare Experience in use

Screen shot of the Avaya Flare Experience in use.

We have begun testing the Avaya Flare Experience. This is a SIP Audio/Video application that runs on Windows and iPADs and provides telephone calling as well as conferencing with audio and/or video. This feature will also operate without a VPN both on and off-campus for PCs and requires a WiFi connection for iPAD.

In addition, we are testing Avaya one-X Mobile SIP iOS (1xMobile/SIP). This is an IP-Softphone that runs on iPhone and provides bridged appearances of your desk phone on your iPhone. When you originate calls, you can either use the regular Cell Phone to make the call or the 1xMobile/SIP to do so.

If you use the SIP application, the call routes from your cell phone to the Avaya PBX system and then out to the called party. Under this scenario, the phone uses Cellular Data minutes rather than voice-minutes and the called party sees your Emory telephone number as the calling number rather than your cell phone number. This feature also operates without a VPN both on and off-campus.

[Ed. Note: Joe Massey is the Voice Systems Architect for OIT]

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