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Echo360 is the current OIT solution for screen capture recording.

[NOTE: Steve Bransford and Shannon O’Daniel (both of Academic Technology Services) authored this article.]

UTS recently transitioned Echo360 from pilot status into a full enterprise service. All schools at Emory, with the exception of the School of Public Health, are participating in the enterprise rollout. Echo360 is a class capture and video delivery system. It easily facilitates the recording of classes anywhere on campus.


  • Records screen, voice and camera inputs with a hardware appliance or a classroom PC
  • Performs auto scheduling – all class sessions can be auto recorded. Instructors need only to attach a lav mic
  • Ports videos automatically to backend servers, encodes them, and delivers them via the web
  • Integrates seamlessly with Blackboard – students may view their class recordings within Blackboard
  • Offers extensive analytics – access to information about which students have watched which videos and for how long
  • Uploads video content outside the classroom – for training or “flipped” classroom content

During the pilot, UTS received a great deal of positive feedback from students about the usefulness of Echo360. Students felt less pressed to take exhaustive notes during lectures, knowing that they would have ample time to review the recordings on their own time, often on smartphones and tablets.

Echo360 provides unlimited use of the screen capture application, called Personal Capture (available for both Mac and PC). It’s a great way to record and deliver screen captures for training materials or for archiving events and presentations. Wade Moricle (Integration) has been using Personal Capture to record the IT Briefings for the past year.

UTS employees wishing to try Echo360 can send an email to echo360 [at] emory [dot] edu.

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