Nnamdi goes to Turkey

Photo of Nnamdi May

Nnamdi has a chance to pursue his dreams of playing professional soccer next month.

When you see Officer Nnamdi May (University Libraries) on patrol you feel a quiet strength, a genuine spirit. While Nnamdi is very comical when he warms and opens up to you, he is quite often described as reserved. If you have not noticed lately, Nnamdi has stopped raiding office candy dishes and instead been eating nourishing snacks. Why the change? Because inside the quiet reserve that is Officer Nnamdi May lies the heart of a champion.

Nnamdi advised me in December of 2013 that he was invited to a professional combine in Florida and was chosen out of hundreds of players trying to chase their dreams. Of course I granted him the leave, who really wants to be a dream destroyer?

His hard work and healthy eating habits have paid off. Earlier this month Nnamdi advised me that from February 8 – 18 he will be traveling to Turkey to participate in a professional soccer showcase and will be playing against pro teams from Europe in hopes of getting signed to a contract and finally achieving his childhood dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

Born in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, Africa, Nnamdi has played soccer since he was seven years old. He moved to the US at age 10 and after eating and breathing soccer every day, Nnamdi is an accomplished forward and midfielder.

The Security team and I are so proud of Nnamdi for putting in the dedication, taking hold of the reigns of destiny and attempting to seize this opportunity of a lifetime. Because Nnamdi lives by the motto, “Carpe Diem…seize the day,” we are proud to see him off to Turkey. His presence will be missed but not forgotten. If you see Nnamdi in passing, please join us in congratulating him.

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  1. Anthony Corley
    Posted January 24, 2014 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

    Nnamdi is a truly gifted and talented athlete! I know he will succeed, failure is NOT an option! I believe in you my brother, but more than that, I trust the one whom we seek our strength from!!!! GO forth my brother and live your dreams!!!!!

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