Emory teams with Gartner to launch information resource

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Gartner has signed an agreement with Emory to provide broad intranet access to Gartner’s core research content.

Gartner, Inc., the leading provider of research and analysis in the global information technology industry, has signed an agreement with Emory University to provide broad intranet access to Gartner’s core research content for its 40,000 plus students, faculty, and staff on the main campus.

According to Marc Overcash, interim enterprise CIO & senior vice provost for library services and digital scholarship, “We’re enthusiastic about providing this new resource to the Emory Community. There is a broad and deep wealth of information about IT practices, trends, and strategies for our students, faculty decision makers, and IT professionals to explore and utilize.”

Some examples of the inherent value that access to Gartner research brings to the academic community are:

  • Availability of Gartner research to faculty, enabling professors to bring timely, objective real-world examples and content to the classroom, thus enriching the educational experience
  • Insight to the application of technology to business problems, which is used in many MBA programs
  • Understanding of the long-term trends and issues that future IT managers will need to face
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For more information, visit Gartner.com.

Mischelle Choinski, managing vice president for Gartner’s Healthcare & Education division, said, “Emory University’s decision to partner with us demonstrates the university’s commitment to maintain a leadership role among the major research universities and all universities in general. Gartner is proud to offer this multi-mission resource.”

To access Emory’s portal into the Gartner database, simply login at https://secure.web.emory.edu/gartner/.

For more information about Gartner, email info [at] gartner [dot] com or visit gartner.com.

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