Saira Raza, Assistant Librarian, Goizueta Business Library

Photo of a new employee

Saira Raza is an artist and musician.

Saira Raza (pronounced SY-rah RAH-zah) will be working as the Goizueta Business Library’s (GBL) liaison to the Organization and Management department as well as the Executive MBA program. Before coming to Emory, Saira spent three years as a research specialist at King and Spalding, one year as a library services coordinator at Cadence Group, and four years as a corporate librarian for Lehman Brothers. She also owned the Grounds Coffeehouse on the West End.

Born in Ithaca, NY, Saira came to Georgia after falling in love with Atlanta while visiting her best friend. She earned a bachelor of arts in international studies from Wells College and a master’s in Africana studies from Cornell University. She also received a degree in library science from the University of North Texas.

Saira is an artist and musician. She records, produces and performs live, experimental electronic music using several different instruments including the cello, vibraphone, and banjo. Her debut album, First Flight, was selected by Creative Loafing as one of Atlanta’s 10 best albums of 2014.

According to reviewer Paul DeMerritt, “Saira Raza’s debut EP exists in its own universe. In just five songs, the cellist and multi-instrumentalist seamlessly blends elements of Bollywood, jazz, folk, and classical music, and wraps them all up in a psychedelic package that transcends classification.” She has two shows next week which you can catch here and here.

Saira also has a residency at the Atlanta Printmaker’s Studio. You can see some of her art at

You can reach her at: saira [dot] raza [at] emory [dot] edu.

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