Move More Challenge registration starts next Monday

FSAP-Inner-page.gifEmory’s Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is beginning registration for its Move More Challenge this Monday, August 17.

The Move More Challenge is an 8-week physical activity program (September 21, 2015- November 15, 2015) that encourages you to track and increase your daily movement and physical activity.

You wear an activity tracker that gathers data about your daily activity level including steps, distance traveled, active minutes, and calories burned. You will also use Fitbit®’s online platform and/or mobile app to track your individual progress.

Registration runs from August 17 until September 14 and the program begins the following Monday. FSAP also provides discounts for purchasing the Fitbit devices. Individuals can  win prizes and divisions can win a trophy if they have the highest number of average steps. 

A few details about how the data that is collected is used are presented in the FSAP FAQ for the challenge:

What type of data is seen by Emory during the challenge?  Emory will have access to registration data (name, employee number, email and work location) and all participant step counts, distance, active minutes, floors climbed, and calories burned.  This data will be used for program evaluation purposes and for administration of rewards.

What will Emory do with my responses to the physical activity & readiness-to-change questions that appear during the Move More Challenge registration process?  In order to evaluate the success of this physical activity program, Emory will collect information about physical activity habits and readiness-to change responses at the start and finish of this Challenge. The data will be reported in aggregate (group).

How does Fitbit use and protect my personal information? It is Fitbit’s policy not to sell user data.  Fitbit has never sold personal data, and they do not share personal data unless a user specifically directs them to do so.  Fitbit’s privacy policy:

Who sees the Challenge data?  The employees who see the data collected are Melissa Morgan, FSAP Manager of Wellness Programs and Dawn McMillian, FSAP Wellness Specialist.

For more info, go to:

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