Woof. (wag-wag-wag)

student holding a puppy

Emory students got to spend quality time with some therapy dogs.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Woodruff Library brought therapy dogs into the library for the students to enjoy as a break from the arduous exam schedule. Students could sign up for a free ten minutes to pet, snuggle, kiss, hug, and play with the dogs.

According to Erin Mooney, “We had 206 students sign-up. That was about 50 per hour that came to see the dogs.”

A 4-month-old golden retriever/labrador mix, was one of the stars of the session.

Canine Assistants, the dog therapy company, usually trains between 150 and 180 dogs at a time, mainly through the work of volunteers who foster the dogs during their training.

photo of a puppy

Everyone LURVED this pup!

Upon completion of their training, these dogs are placed with people in wheelchairs, people with multiple sclerosis, and even with diabetics, where they use smell to tell if someone’s blood sugar is low. The dogs can open doors and turn lights on and off.

The students didn’t seem to care what the dogs could do…they just wanted the love. Some quotes from the students included:

  • “It was amazing — you should do this more often, not just finals time.”
  • “It was incredible. I’m so relaxed and I have a final in 3 hours.”
  • “It’s wonderful what you are doing here. The dogs were calm and they relaxed us.”
  • “It was great. I loved it. I came last year too. I wrote it on my calendar!”
  • “This is the best thing ever!”
  • “This was awesome. He was so sweet.”
  • “This was just what I needed!”
  • “Oh puppies!”
  • “I come every year.”

The Outreach and Education team put the event together. That team includes Lloyd Busch, Kim Collins, Jennifer Elder, Erin Mooney, Chris Pollette, Kendra Skellen, and Erich Wendt.

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