Stephanie Rodgers, Project Manager I, PMO

Photo of new employee

Stephanie Rodgers: Best Cat Mom Ever.

Stephanie Rodgers is a recent addition to the Project Management Office. She began work at Emory more than 7 year ago, first as a graduate student in the Philosophy Department, and then in a series of roles (Digital Scholarship Specialist, Digital Projects Fellow, and finally Special Projects Liaison) at the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship.

Stephanie is finishing her PhD in philosophy at Emory. Interestingly her dissertation focuses on the nature of our digital selves and relationships, specifically on Facebook. “This project has grown thornier and more complicated by the month,” said Stephanie. “I’m trying to hammer it out before social media throws yet another monkey wrench into it.”

Born in Memphis, TN, but “unable to tell you anything about Elvis,” Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and neuroscience from Vanderbilt University, and a master’s in philosophy from Emory.

For fun, Stephanie enjoys cooking, knitting, and playing “needlessly complicated” strategy-based board games. She also says she has a “Best Cat Mom Ever” mug stored away somewhere.

“In my time at Emory, I have been a graduate student, an instructor, a digital scholarship specialist, a fellowship recipient, a special projects liaison, and a project manager, but what has remained constant is that people are always warm, supportive, and generous with their time and expertise,” said Stephanie. “I’m delighted that I can continue to work and learn in this community.”

You can reach her at srodge5 [at] emory [dot] edu.

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