MyEmory brings King of Pops to happy LITSers

Photo of person service popsicles

Nothing says “happiness” like popsicles in August!

This year’s annual MyEmory Summer Social was held this week with a twist. Rather than inviting LITS employees to come to one location, the team brought the party to the division, with three separate “pop-up” socials in the Woodruff Library, the North Decatur Building and the 1762 Building.

Featuring the delicious summertime treat of popsicles by King of Pops, attendees were able to take a break from work, hang out with colleagues, and learn a little more about MyEmory.

MyEmory is the annual employee giving program that offers those of us who work across the university a powerful way to help make a difference. Donors can give to the general fund or can earmark contributions for specific causes, including our very own LITS innovation fund and a variety of Emory Libraries funds. Giving is easy – especially when you use payroll deduction (

Current MyEmory members from LITS include: John Bence, Amy Boucher, Nydia Charles Huggins, Maya Cody, Kim CollinsMargaret Ellington, Jason Lowery, Wade Moricle, Alex Wan, and Leslie Wingate.

Photo of employees at a presentation

Jason Lowery speaks to employees at NDB.

“The pop-up popsicle event was a new idea and we thought we reached a much broader group,” said Kim Collins, chairman of LITS MyEmory. “We had tremendous turnout and folks got to enjoy King of Pops, socialize with old friends, and gain a little more awareness of MyEmory.”

LIT employees consumed over 170 pops, with the most popular flavors being Honey Blackberry and Key Lime Pie.

One of the primary goals of the event was to encourage LITS employees outside of the library to join the committee. “We want this committee to reflect all of LITS,” added Jason Lowery, assistant director of development and alumni relations in the Emory Libraries development office. “We had a great afternoon and had a lot of participation at every location.”

If you would like to volunteer to serve on the LITS MyEmory committee or just learn more about other ways you can participate, please email Kim at kcolli2 [at] emory [dot] edu.

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