MS Forms tips and tricks

Need to send a simple survey or quiz, but don’t want to pay a vendor fee?

Microsoft Forms may be for you!

Microsoft (MS) Forms is ideal if you need to send a list of questions to a group of people and capture simple analytics on the results.  Some of the advantages of using MS Forms outside of saving money include:

  1. Intuitive set-up process
  2. Multiple people can collaborate on the structure and layout of quizzes and forms
  3. You should be able to skip the whitelisting process
  4. Existing in-house tool that can be accessed via OWA (

Example of MS Forms Use:

In January 2017, the Messaging Team worked with James Leonard to develop a customer satisfaction survey.  MS Forms was used as the vehicle to send the survey and report analytics on the survey results.  The “responses” section of MS Forms displayed a summary of the results for each questions, as people completed the survey (see picture below.)

MS Forms also captured the results in an Excel workbook, which was saved in our Office 365 Group central file repository.

MS Forms can be found by going to, clicking on the App Launcher (looks like a waffle in the top left corner of the screen) and selecting MS Forms.

Find out more about MS Forms by visiting

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