NDB and 1762 get new coffee service called First Choice

The First Choice touch screen is very easy to use.

LITS is testing a new coffee service and it is good to the last drop. After conducting a user test and some costs analysis, LITS Business and Administration has selected First Choice as a new coffee vendor available to the division.

Located locally in Norcross, GA, First Choice won the bid primarily because it is able to produce coffee that is dramatically more sustainable than other services and at a lower cost. It is fresher coffee too, as the beans are ground in the machine prior to use. Afterwards, the beans go directly into compost and the bag they come in is recyclable.

The coffee machine can stand on the floor or rest on a counter by removing the stand below it.

“We were looking for something sustainable that would not have the single-serve plastic cups,” said Kim Comstock. “We were also looking for better taste and to cut costs.”

The coffee service offers coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and hot water for teas (on a separate line so the tea will not taste like coffee).

The 1599 Building, Cox Hall, and the Woodruff Library all have their own coffee contracts and will have to decide if they want to try this new service.

Linda Richardson set up a coffee tasting demo and worked to get the new units installed. Everyone who attended the demo gave positive feedback, with people attending from 1762, Emory Libraries, and every floor in the NDB. As a result of her efforts, machines have already been installed on the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th floors of NDB.

Grab your coffee mug and come try it out.

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