LITS honors employees with this year’s service awards

photo of an employee

Rosa Weston being honored in a speech from Wayne Ortman for her forty years of outstanding service.

The LITS HR Team recently hosted the 2018 LITS Service Award Luncheon in the Cox Hall Ballroom. Nearly 100 employees were honored for their service to Emory, in increments on five years. An amazing 13 employees had 30 or more years of service.

Honorees were treated to a luncheon catered by Emory Catering and were bestowed with gifts for their service. There was also a door raffle.

photo of a speaker

Rich Mendola inspired the audience during the Service Award Luncheon.

Senior Vice Provost for Library Services and Digital Scholarship and Enterprise Chief Information Officer Rich Mendola delivered an inspiring address. “Emory relies upon your service and commitment,” said Rich. “Sometimes these efforts manifest themselves as projects, which are easy to celebrate. But the majority of the time, your service is the result of sustained efforts that occur in daily customer interactions, sustained efforts to improve the quality of our services, and sustained efforts to steward our information assets. The work that you do truly matters and your legacy can be seen in every graduating class, every research discovery, and every life-saving medical procedure at Emory.”

The 2018 honorees were:

  • 5 Years: John Bence, Derrick Bostwick, William Brown, Carmen Cooper, Richard Costales, Jennifer Doty, Gabrielle Dudley, Edward Feliciano, Francis Fernandes, Sharon Gray, Robert Hawthorne, Justin Henderson Jr., Ryan Hewett, Lori Jahnke, Charles Johnson, Addison Jones, Sundiata Kita-Bradshaw, Melanie Kowalski, Archana Kudrimoti, Naiqi Li, Shoba Mallik, Patrick Maloney, Pellom McDaniels III, Clayton McGahee, Kuwuan McMillan, Jennifer Meehan, Khadijah Muhammad, Sara Palmer, Shenita Peterson, Mark Prefer, Kristian Serrano, Todd Smith, Laura Starratt, Jay Varner, Dorothy Waugh, and Brian Young
  • 10 Years: Amir Ali, Amy Allison, Thomas Armour, Trey Bunn, Ceray Doss-Williams, Patrice Goodwin-Richmond, Randy Gue, David Hauenstein, Jeremy Kupsco, Sharon Mason, Tanya McKibben, Michael Page, Patti Pate, Frances Pici, Kimberly Powell, Raul Pritchard, Brad Sanford, Dean Schuh, Phillip Shaw, Chad Street, and Shelia Williams
  • 15 Years: Colin Bragg, Scott Caillier, Sebreana Echols, Andrew Efting, Larry Frazer, Celeste Hermida, Tia Hill, Dennis House, Susan Klopper, Myra Lovett, Derrick Merritt, Lars Meyer, Emily Porter, Derek Spransy, and Curt Tucker
  • 20 Years: Robert Anderson, Randall Burkett, Jay Flanagan, Candace Haley, Jimmy Kincaid, Erin Mooney, Garrett Southwell, Tom Vincent, Guo-Hua Wang, Jeffrey Weaver, and Mia White
  • 25 Years: Steve Lamb
  • 30 Years: Bruce Anderson II, Bill Choate, Joe DeRose, Jim Fordham, Kelly Kautt, Kathy Shoemaker, and Yvette Wright
  • 35 Years: Nicole Byrd, Kim Comstock, Sandra Franklin, Richard Gess, and Graydon Kirk
  • 40 Years: Rosa Weston
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