Pet(s) of the Week – Ella and Millie

Photo of two dogs.

Ella and Millie enjoying the afternoon sun.

The choice for Pet of the Week is the canine duo of Ella and Millie, proudly owned by Susan Klopper, director of the Goizueta Business Library.

Both rescues, Ella joined the Klopper family about two years ago, and Millie was adopted a year later. Millie is a tricolor border collie and Ella is a mix of chow chow, boxer, lab, and border collie.

“They are sweet and silly and love to cuddle,” said Susan. Every morning after the Kloppers wake up, but before they get out of bed, Ella positions herself for morning belly rubs. Millie’s approach is a bit less subtle; she literally sits on Susan’s pillow with her body wrapped around Susan’s head, nose positioned on her shoulder.

“They both have me very well trained!” laughed Susan.

If you would like your pet featured during our Pet of the Week summer feature, send us an email, photo, and description of what makes your pet so outstanding.

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