Pet(s) of the Week: Noodle and Pippi

Photo of two dogs

Pippi (L) and Noodle (R) enjoying some kayaking.

Noodle and Pippi are proudly owned by Kathy and Chris Britt-Rogers. Noodle, the red one, is a Pomeranian/miniature poodle mix. Pippi is tri-colored and is sheltie/papillon mix. Both are rescues that were adopted from Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Kathy and Chris had adopted Noodle from Angels Among Us, then began taking part in their fostering program. They fostered several dogs that were adopted out to other families, but when Pippi came along, the couple immediately decided to “foster fail” and adopt her!

Both dogs love to go camping, hiking, and kayaking. They get so excited and just start dancing when they know they’re going somewhere exciting.

Some people may already know Noodle, as he sometimes visits the Woodruff Library during breaks. Kathy and Chris are currently working to get him certified as a therapy dog. His calm, soothing and snuggly demeanor makes him a favorite of everyone he meets.

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