Pet of the Week: Fiona

Photo of a cat

Fiona…not Jake.

I adopted Fiona from the Fulton County animal shelter in 2010, when she was just a little baby. I chose her because when I walked past her cage, Fiona was climbing on her cage mate and biting his ears. I figured a feisty cat is the best kind of cat.

Even though she was tri-colored, the card on her cage said she was male and they were calling her Jake, so I named her Felix. Within about a week or so, my vet confirmed that she was indeed a female cat and I realized that the card on her cage had been incorrect. So, Felix became Fiona.

Within another week or so, I realized that she’d had none of her vaccinations and something more than incorrect paperwork might have gone awry at the shelter. I called them and it turned out that I’d swooped in and adopted Fiona within a very short time of the shelter bringing her in. The card on her cage was still for the kitty who had been there previously; they hadn’t even had time to update it!

Photo of a cat

Life is good…got any cashews?

The shelter was really relieved to hear from me because they couldn’t figure out what had happened to her. Luckily, Fiona’s life has been far less eventful since then.

She’s still feisty, though. Fiona will steal popcorn out of your bowl and I have to hide cashews from her, because she’ll steal those too. She knows one trick, which is to meow when I ask her if she’s ready for dinner. Fiona will stand on her hind legs and wave at you if you aren’t paying enough attention to her.

There are a million more photos of her on my Instagram, @approximatelysarah.

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