Britton among Atlanta’s poker elite

The final five players (out of 189 entrants) in the 2019 APC Main Event.

Enid Britton (IT Service Management Office) recently finished second in the Atlanta Poker Club (APC) Main Event and won a $1700 seat for an August or November World Series of Poker event in Cherokee, NC.

She finished ahead of 187 players who are members of the APC. Had she won first place, she would have won a $10,000 seat in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, NV.

“I played perfect poker except for one hand,” sighed Enid about a hand where she folded two-pair when she thought her opponent had three-of-a-kind. Had she won the hand, she’d have been the overwhelming chip leader.

Enid (far right) would win this hand and knock Eric H (far left) out of the tournament.

Enid, who has been playing competitive poker for over 14 years, made several excellent reads throughout the event and knocked out the fifth-place player when she paired a jack on the river. Minutes later, she crippled the fourth-place player with a pair of sevens.

“Enid is a math whiz,” said one of the commentators during the broadcast of the event.

Enid “Boss Lady” Britton.

She has won 46 local events during her illustrious career, however, this will be her first time in the main event in Cherokee. As you may recall, she also won the poker event at the 2018 LITS Game Day.

You can watch the final table in its entirety HERE.

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