Pet of the Week: Dougie

Dougie Jones Morgan-Adams (AKA Mr. Jackpots), aptly named after the Twin Peaks: The Return character, is a recent addition to our home. Over Mother’s Day weekend, I made the delightful mistake of just “looking around” at the Humane Society in my hometown and found Dougie. A charmer from the start, I took him home to an incredulous partner, Ben, (“no more dogs” was the rule) who soon fell in love with him as well.

A longtime shelter dog, Dougie is an anxious little dude (we’re talking other dogs, the ice maker, thunder, large shrubbery, shadows), but makes up for it in sweetness and energy. He’s stumpy but surprisingly quick, which makes the many times he wiggles out of the back gate that much more interesting. Also, he lets us put clothes on him and doesn’t even complain, he loves us that much.

We are trying to teach him commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay,’ but his immediate response to any approach is to either sploot or splat (depending on his mood) and await pettings from the benevolent giants that give him treats.

We are very lucky that Dougie Jones has found us and hope that, one day, he will behave.

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