Pet of the Week: Dixie

Meet my cat, Dixie!

A coworker found Dixie living in the woods behind her house in Tucker. She saw the monkey grass at the edge of her yard “dancing” one day, and it was a tiny kitty playing. To this day, that cat loves nothing more than to fight monkey grass.

My coworker’s family was calling her D.C. for “Damn Cat.” I thought it was mean, but she was already responding to the sound of “DC” so I changed it to Dixie. She does answer to her name.

We think she is about 11-12. She has been with me for just over 10 years and seemed to be about 1 when she came to live with me.

My family has always had cats, and my boyfriend has always had cats too. When I moved in with him, Dixie and his cat, Sam, fought all of the time and never became friends, and it made her mean to us as well. Sam made it to 21.5 years old and the day that we came home from the vet without him, Dixie was transformed into a sweet kitty who loves to cuddle and make biscuits so hard that they hurt. She even lets Michael pick her up and pet the floof on her tummy.

Despite her size, Dixie is a serious hunter and protector of the house. I was brushing my teeth one day when she came into the bathroom with a live chipmunk and dropped it at my feet. Her outside-time now is restricted to our back porch, which is enclosed and one story up. Nevertheless, she’s caught birds out of the sky and even jumped off the deck (about a 30-foot drop) to fight a neighborhood stray.


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